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How much does male breast reduction surgery cost

Gynaecomastia, a condition otherwise known as "man boobs" or "moobs" can be a huge source of distress for many men. Ageing, excess weight, lack of exercise, side-effect of medication, hormonal imbalances, liver or kidney problems are all potential causes of overdeveloped male breast tissue. It is a common condition estimated to affect 15 million men in the UK.

How much does male breast reduction cost?

Prices for male breast reduction surgery vary between private clinics. The cost depends on the fees of the surgeon and their supporting team, the type of operation you have and the amount of aftercare included in the package. As a guide, male breast reduction costs between £2,700 and £5,500 in the UK.

Can I have surgery on the NHS?

The NHS fund a small number of male breast reduction operations but the criteria are strict. If the surgery would bring you substantial social, psychological or physical benefit to justify surgery. They will not fund surgery for cosmetic reasons alone.

First you will have to try diet and exercise to diminish the breast tissue. If that is unsuccessful you may be given a course of medication to tackle the problem. However, this can take several months to show results and sometimes is ineffective. If you have tried all these solutions and they have been unsuccessful, return to your GP. They may refer you to a surgeon.
If you are suffering severe psychological damage as a result of the condition and can demonstrate that your quality of life would be dramatically improved as a result of the operation the NHS may fund the procedure.

Important considerations

When making the decision, price should not be the only factor you should take into consideration. Here is a check list based on advice from the Department of Health:

1.Spend some time thinking about what you exactly you want to change and why.
2.Research potential surgeons who are specialised and experienced in male breast reduction surgery with the correct qualifications.
3.Discuss what you want to achieve with the surgeon. Ask about the risks and potential results.
4.After your consultation with the surgeon take some time to think about whether you want to proceed.
5.Plan your aftercare. Is there someone who can help care for you? Consider care if complications arise.

Surgery abroad

You may be tempted to go abroad for surgery. Other factors to take into account are the additional costs of risk, pain, travel, accommodation, any revision or follow-up surgery, complications and aftercare.
Before you board the plane to Bulgaria, Brazil or anywhere else offering rock bottom prices, it is worth bearing in mind that private cosmetic surgery in England is regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Their remit does not extend outside the country so would not be able to assist you should you encounter any problems with surgery undertaken abroad.

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